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Northumberland’s Young Leader, Braden Davy, is challenging residents to swap their favourite book with a friend or family member to celebrate the National Year of Reading.

Braden, from Hirst Community High in Ashington, is the county’s second Young Leader. He has challenged Council Leader, Peter Hillman, to read his favourite book, ‘The Foreshadowing’, by Marcus Sedgwick. In turn, Braden will read Councillor Hillman’s favourite book, ‘Fox Evil’ by Minette Walters.

‘The Foreshadowing’ is set in World War One and is a chilling tale of a 17 year old girl, Alexandra, who can foresee the deaths of others.

‘Fox Evil’ is the 9th Minette Walters murder mystery book. When an elderly woman is found dead in her garden, the finger of suspicion points at her wealthy, landowning husband.

Northumberland County Council’s libraries have a host of books in stock to help residents share literary favourites.

Braden and Peter will be reviewing their books online at Northumberland’s Young Leader where readers can submit reviews and tell Braden that they are taking the challenge.

The Book Challenge will launch the National Year of Reading in the County and will be followed by a series of events and activities in libraries.


The challenge aims to get people reading different types of books, and works by authors that they perhaps wouldn’t have considered before.


Email Braden Davy at or write to Young Leader, Communications, County Hall, Morpeth, NE61 2EF.

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