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During the 2010 football World Cup, the National Literacy Trust worked with children's author Tom Palmer (well known for his popular series of books featuring football detective Danny Harte). With funding from the Football Foundation and the Professional Footballers' Association, we produced Love Football, Love Reading, a toolkit to help teachers, librarians and other education professionals to use the excitement surrounding the World Cup to promote reading. Tom also wrote daily episodes of a story featuring his Danny Harte character, which teachers could download and read aloud to their class.

Tom spent the duration of the tournament travelling the country and visiting schools to find out how they were using football to develop pupils' interest in reading. He reported on his travels in his World Cup blog on the NLT website.

This article shares some of his blog posts about football-related activity in schools during the 2010 World Cup.


World Cup Football Fun

View comments on how the World Cup Fun resources were used by schools across the country.

Here is a great email from Portsmouth, with details of what they are up to in one school: “I'm a Children's Services Librarian with Portsmouth City Libraries I've been running 'World Cup Football Fun' sessions with a group of 8 children (3 girls 5 boys) and their parents from Arundel Court School at Portsmouth Central Library after school on Tuesdays during the World Cup.

I worked with this group on the Premier League Reading Stars scheme; they enjoyed those sessions so much I decided to follow it up with the World Cup sessions.

We have used your World Cup Foul Play Chatterpack for inspiration and kicked off our first session with the prediction game.

I gave out the quiz as homework they really enjoyed researching the answers and I awarded a prize for the winner.

We have used the word searches and had a drawing activity where they designed their own football kits and made dangly footballers from the results.

The group also chose their own dream team but used authors instead of footballers. It was interesting how they chose their team. JK Rowling is in goal so she can use Harry Potter's magic to keep the goals out! Darren Shan is in defence because other players would be scared of him. I'm glad to say you are in there as well as a striker!!! Because you know so much about football.

They have Charles Dickens as their manager because they wanted to keep a local connection. We have been talking about lots of different football books and have looked at your website it has certainly enthused them about reading and sharing books with their friends also encouraged them to use their local library.”

Comments from Fratton Park

I had a great day today at Fratton Park, home of Portsmouth FC. The school library service ran an amazing event which saw me and Helena Pielichaty deliver our Reads United event to two lots of 300 kids.

I met a lot of children who had been reading the online story. It was great to hear their thoughts – and worries for Danny. There are 3,000 schools downloading the story, each reading it to a rough average of 100-200 kids.

One nice teacher emailed me the following this evening about what they are up to:

“I am the librarian from Whiteley Primary School, we were lucky enough to be part of the crowd at Fratton Park this afternoon! We really enjoyed it. The kids were all reading their books on the way home.

“We are a big school, 617 on role, so the fact that half the Key Stage 2 classes are reading your daily story is a big achievement, well done!

“I have a goal in the library at the moment, with various football books and magazines and programmes in it; as well as a few footballs and lots of green stuff! The children have drawn pictures of themselves, which has created a crowd at the back, together with all the relevant flags that they made me too! It looks great and is really prompting discussion.”

So now to the Slovenia match. I will be watching it with Helena Pielichaty, who has kindly done today’s writing exercise.

Ghyllgrove Junior school in Basildon

I had a great day today at Ghyllgrove Junior school in Basildon today. Their football writers helped me write the online chapter for today too.

We’ve had a great email from Huish Episcopi school too:

“We are using the Premier League Reading Stars promotion to encourage our Year 7 and 8 students to read more. Three teams of our Year 7 footballers are helping with this; one 'team' has taken responsibility for putting the posters in all Year 7 and 8 tutor rooms and once a week we give them the stickers to put on the relevant posters (we include the tutor group and initials of the student who has read a book on each sticker).

“A second 'team' is responsible for completing the results chart in the library and promoting the newspapers.

The third 'team' is doing a collage-style display and are putting together a quiz to be held one lunchtime in the library. We have made a display of all our football books - fiction and non fiction.”

World Cup celebrities from Bishop Luffa School in Hampshire

Bishop Luffa School in Hampshire have some great stuff going on in their library. Here’s what they’re up to:

“Pupils are invited to come and join in the School Library World Cup 2010 events.

“Events kick off with "World Cup Mystery" on Friday 11 June. Listen to the first episode of a story being written every day during the World Cup by Tom Palmer. Followed by World Cup Bingo. Win a World Cup football!

“Pompey Footballer and past pupil Joel Ward will be in school on Friday 18 June to answer your questions about being a professional footballer and share his views of the World Cup.

“World Cup Top Trumps Tournament takes place on Wednesday 23 June with a chance to win a book about the World Cup.

“Is it all over for England or do they still have a chance? "Have I Got World Cup News for you" takes place on Thursday 1 July. In teams you will look back at the newspaper headlines and guess the missing words! Teams will be put together on the day.”


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