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Hilary Marrinan, Early Years Literacy Development Worker in the North Lambeth area is working in partnership with Hommie Beharry, the Family Centre Manager at Coin Street Children’s Centre organising RIF events and distributing Bookstart packs to local families.

Working with Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) Reading is Fundamental is a reading promotion scheme taking place in selected locations across the country, organised by the [[National Literacy Trust]] and sponsored by a range of corporate businesses. The intention is to promote a love of stories and knowledge of books by enabling children to have books at home. Each child taking part will attend three fun literacy based events and will have the opportunity to choose a free book to take home.

Together Hommie and I have worked with RIF to purchase a range of interesting books that children will be excited to choose from. I will be running a special Story and Rhyme Time for families for the first two events and a Jactito puppet show will be the attraction for the third and final event.

BookStart pack distribution.

In my role as an Early Years Literacy Development Worker I support the distribution of Bookstart packs. I have been supporting Coin Street Children’s Centre by liaising between the centre and the Literacy Development Librarian who manages the distribution of the Bookstart packs to the venues and promotes the project within Lambeth.

It really helps families understand the importance of books and generates interest in sharing the books at home if giving the Bookstart packs away is linked to a special event or a book week. Hommie and I planned a special event at Coin Street Children’s Centre to distribute the book packs to local families. A theatre company performed a literacy based show and then families were given their Bookstart packs. Parents and carers who couldn’t attend the event will be given their packs through out the year directly from the centre.

Hilary Marrinan Early Years Literacy Development Worker North Lambeth

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