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What is Words Unite?

Words Unite is a campaign to get Hackney reading. It is led by The Learning Trust, who are responsible for education services in the borough, and funded by Team Hackney.

More than 60 new reading related projects have been funded by the campaign and are being carried out by community groups, schools and libraries in Hackney. National programmes such as Reading Is Fundamental, Project Genie and Red House Children's Book Award have been taken up in the borough, with fantastic outcomes.

Target group

Schools, families and communities across Hackney.

All branded activities across Hackney

A range of activities are being delivered to schools, families and communities through a variety of partner organisations including libraries, schools and Community and Voluntary Sector (CVS) organisations. These activities will generate a rich reading environment with increased residents’ access to books, magazines, newspapers and other literary resources. CVS organisations are delivering creative and informal activities for engaging children, young people and adults in reading activities. Hackney schools are joining library services

A number of activities directly target children and young people and have a direct impact on attainment in schools. However, a number of activities focus more widely on the whole family and adult literacy. These will indirectly impact pupils’ attainment in school in a similar way to the parental involvement project. By increasing parents’ literacy levels they become more able to engage in their children’s learning and give a positive direction to their education.

Target audiences

What has been the main impact of this project?

Feedback received from schools and organisations indicate there has been a greater interest in reading. From trips to libraries, broadening the range of genres, establishing book/after school reading clubs to ICT initiatives for children young people and adults.

Feedback from both Libraries and Reading is Fundamental so far indicate the initiatives have been a success with attendance at some Library projects exceeding the expected level of interest, and RIF events at school receiving good quotes from students.

Project aims

Words Unite aims to encourage adults, children and young people throughout Hackney to become enthusiastic, independent and inquiring readers. It’s all about inspiring people to read more, to read together with family and friends and to enjoy all the different ways of reading.

The campaign vision is for people in Hackney to:

• have good reading skills, which will help them to achieve economic well-being • use their reading skills to access information and increase their knowledge • have a culturally rich experience through reading • read for pleasure and enjoyment

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Contact details

For more information go to www.gethackneyreading.com or contact The Learning Trust's Sarah Gorringe on 020 8820 7591.

Find out about Reading is Fundamental and Words Unite.

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