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Wikireadia is for sharing good practice

Wikireadia is for sharing good practice and is not a forum for debates or battles. Articles must abide by certain conditions to remain on the wiki. Your article will be deleted if:

1. It spreads propaganda, commercial interest or religious views. 2. It is an opinion piece – the wiki is for articles on good practice, not on a user’s opinion on the topic of reading. Articles should have an evidence base to validate them. 3. It is for self-promotion – as with the rest of the site, the wiki is not to be used for self promotion. 4. It is advertising – articles written by companies are perfectly acceptable as long as they are non commercial in nature, objective and relevant to the spirit of the wiki.

Wikireadia does not necessarily reflect government policy

It is a repository of good practice as written by members of the reading sector. Inclusion in the wiki does not mean the content reflects de facto good practice or constitute a recommendation.

Wikireadia is not an indiscriminate collection of information

The topics in the wiki are limited to those about reading, the practice of reading, teaching reading and topics related to reading.

Inappropriate content will be removed on sight, and users can report content they feel goes against the spirit of Wikireadia, is offensive, inaccurate or misleading.

Inappropriate content could be personal grudges and battles as much as offensive language.

And finally…

WikiREADia is here to help you as a reading sector collect and share good practice easily, to collaborate, find partners and ideas to improve the reading provision across the country. Enjoy.

Wikireadia is written by contributors and powered by the National Literacy Trust

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