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Enfield Libraries presented a storytelling extravaganza at Ordnance Road Library in October 2008 to celebrate Family Learning Month. Called "Strictly Come Storytelling", five employees who work in various departments (other than the library service) of Enfield Council volunteered their time to tell a story each week in a competition to be crowned and voted the best storyteller.

Similar to the hit television programme Strictly Come Dancing, the risk of getting voted out each week is looming! All children and parents who attended the programme were given the chance to vote to save their favourite storyteller or remove their least favourite!

The programme was rounded out with a finale event, whereby a professional storyteller Rebecca Wolfe came along on the final week to entertain. Parents were also encouraged to share a story aloud with the group if they chose to during the final session, which was very successful.

Links to national initiatives:

Family Learning Month--This series of events took place weekly during the duration of Family Learning Month, and was a successful event for family attendance.

BBC Raw--All families who attended were given copies of the BBC RAW "Tips For Storytelling" booklet to encourage them to try telling stories at home with their children.


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