Strictly Come Reading - salsa workshop in Frankley Library

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Strictly Come Reading

File:Salsa Dancing at Frankley Library.JPG
Salsa dancing at Frankley Library

Workshop given by a salsa tutor aimed at people from the local community.

It aimed introduce local people to the library who may feel that libraries are not for them or have an impression of having top be quiet and studious.

We contacted a Salsa tutor who was local and prepared to work with absolute beginners. We sent out flyers in the local area newsletter and put up posters locally as well as adding it to the community website and the website. We contacted the local high school who sent a small group of year 10 pupils and staff too. The staff all dressed to ‘kill’ in plenty of glitter and we had a group of about 15 prepared to dance and some who were interested but too infirm who wanted to watch.

The workshop lasted an hour and the tutor gave everyone who joined in a free dvd.

There were also book music displays and refreshments.


Community High School

Outcomes and feedback

Much enjoyed by all participants. School kids were dead impressed by the library staff fun approach. 2 new joiners.

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Contact details

Marion Chute, Community Library Manager, Frankley Library, Birmingham, B45 0EU.
0121 464 7676

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