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About stories from the web

Stories from the Web is a Reader Development website managed by Birmingham Libraries. It combines conventional literature promotion with computer-based activities, the aim being to encourage children to read, to write, to interact and to be creative.

Stories from the Web has three areas aimed at 0-7, 7-11 and 11-14 year olds.

From the 1st April 2010 Stories from the Web will become a members-only website. Children who are members of subscribing authorities are able to use the website on receipt of a username and password from their local library. A facility for children who live in an area without a subscribing authority, or from other countries, to be able to subscribe through a monthly or yearly plan is currently under review

A subscribing authority can provide access to all children within their authority whether in the library, at home or at school.

Benefits for subscribing authorities are:

History of the project

Stories from the Web was originally funded through a Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) research grant and aimed to:

Children attended clubs in the Centre for the Child, Birmingham Central Library, Bristol Central Library and Compton Road Library, Leeds, They were able to interact with and contribute to a unique website of stories and activities. The project provided an excellent example of geographically dispersed public librarians co-operating together and a strong and positive partnership between children, parents, libraries, publishers, authors and schools.

The project evolved out of a small-scale experiment by the UK Office for Library and Information Networking (UKOLN) to develop a possible service model for a children's library website. The we site was based around Treasure Island and had the aim of getting children to develop traditional literacy skills by reading the novel and at the same time develop electronic literacy skills. The Treasure Island website was very well received and won a number of 'site of the week' awards.

Encouraged by this success, UKOLN became partners with Birmingham, Bristol and Leeds Library Services in the development of a full-scale service model. Stories from the Web was developed out of this partnership and was headed by Birmingham Libraries.

Impact on mainstream provision

Stories from the Web provides opportunities for library authorities to deliver a range of key agendas. A subscription to Stories from the Web provides:

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