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The Southwark Book Award is a reading and transition project set up to link secondary schools across the brough with their feeder primaries.

Piloted in 2007 by the City of London Academy and Bacons College this year it has been extended to 18 schools. A group of primary and secondary teachers along with librarians drew up the shortlist. Funding was obtained from the London Challenge Transition fund to supply all participating schools with multiple copies of the 6 shortlisted books.The Kent Book Company supplied the books, posters and prizes.The project was launched as a post Key Stage 2 Sats initiative. Drama workshops were run in each group of schools.

Over 1,000 reviews have been posted o the website to date along with a number of Voicethreads where students orally comment on the books. A number of activities, games and quizzes on the books are also a feature of the project.

Students voted on 4 July and the winning book was Siobhan Dowd's The London Eye Mystery.

A special prize was donated of a pod on the London Eye so one pupil from each school wins a place on the ride on July 16th 2008.


Laura Taylor, Librarian at City of London Academy for further details

Laura Taylor 23:06, 5 July 2008 (BST)

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