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The Rewarding Reads project began as a result of an East Area Annual Operating Plan development day for front of house staff from across the area. Each district took up a challenge to take forward a project that they as a team would lead on in their Districts. Six members of staff CSA & SCSA formed the Thanet team. Customers were to be encouraged to take out an extra book/books or to try a different author or title at the point of issuing to what they had already chosen. The encouragement was an instant reward of a chocolate bar/healthy snack/small toy. Everyone who took up the challenge was entered into a prize draw. The initiative ran for 2 weeks in May and then again in September.

Key audiences

All customers taking out items from any Thanet library


Increase book issues – widen customers reading - promote National Year of Reading Qualitative and/or quantitative evidence of impact Four libraries in the District that took part in the “Treat or Challenge” initiative showed increases in their issues over the period April – September 2008. While issues didn’t increase in every library, there have been increases across the board in reservations. One of the aspects of the initiative was book reviews and the increase in reservations suggests that customers were prompted to reserve more books on the strength of these reviews.

Reservations April – September 08 Birchington Library 19.75% Broadstairs Library 18.30% Cliftonville Library 16.83% Margate Library 26.08% Minster-in-Thanet Library 44.94% Newington Library 23.24% Ramsgate Library 26.70% Westgate Library 89.21%

The Future

Some lessons learnt from this project will enable us to implement something similar next year possibly targeted at particular locations and run for one period of time rather than two. This kind of team project gives ownership to front of house staff.

Who runs this project?



Local businesses who provided a range of prizes including Tesco for snacks – local cafés and hairdressers offering free services – Theatres – Hornby, a scalectrix and many more.

Contact details for the project

Jason Brown CSA Margate library , 01843 577931

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