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Target group:

Teachers; primary school children


• To support teachers in promotion of reading for pleasure in schools

• To provide information about the importance of literacy

• To provide ready made activities for use with Reading for Pleasure collections in school

Main activities

A mixed box of 30 books was sent in to each primary school on long term loan for use to promote reading for pleasure. To accompany the pack 2 CD Rom were created, one by library staff to provide background information and resources to support reading and one by teachers (funded by MLA) with specific ideas for activities in school linked to the book collections.


Feedback from a number of head teachers indicated that the packs had been well received by teachers. One stated that it was ‘a wonderful resource’. In other schools, however, it appeared that no-one had promoted the resource in school.

What was successful?

Funding from MLA's 'Learning Links' initiative, which allowed practising teachers to create a supplementary CD Rom of activities closely linked to curriculum requirements, ensured that the package was relevant to classroom staff and could be used immediately without further planning on their part.

What lessons were learned?

The packs should have been addressed specifically to the literacy co-ordinators as in some schools staff were unclear that the resources were to be used across the whole school, and were not targeted at one specific year group.

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