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Reading for Gold

Susan Smith from Stockport School Library Service shares the success of their after school Reading for Gold club, which is based around the ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ idea.

The Reading for Gold club has been running since 2001 and was funded through the New Opportunities Fund (NOF) Out of School Hours Learning fund.

Aims of the project:

Reading for Gold is based on the concept of ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’, utilising a resource box including 50 books, questions, answers and promotional bookmarks and stickers. One session each term involves a visit from an author, storyteller or poet.

Children meet as a group on a weekly basis and select a book to take home to read. At the following meeting of the group, children talk and answer questions about the books they have read. The ‘Millionaire’ quiz format (ask a friend, ask the audience, 50/50 choice) enables the children to answer questions in a non-threatening environment and engenders a sense of fun.

Impact of the project:

participated in Reading for Gold.

What people have said about Reading for Gold:

“It is an excellent method of promoting reading for pleasure, which is of great importance in our school. I have enjoyed leading the club and hope to continue next term.” (Teacher).

“I enjoy reading club, it’s great!” (Child)

“I love answering questions about the books.” (Child)

“Can’t we have two reading clubs a week?” (Child)

“Children who you would never associate with picking up a book are enjoying this scheme.” (Teacher)

“The club has raised the self-esteem of a particular child.” (Headteacher)

“Generally the clubs have once again been very successful and the children have enjoyed the ‘Millionaire’ challenge. The high percentage of correct answers means that the children are reading with understanding.” (Annual Monitoring Report : NOF Out of School Hours Learning)

“Children have been heard discussing the project on the bus, on their way into school in the morning” (Teacher)

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