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Art on the Underground is developing a series of artworks for Stratford station in the lead up to the 2012 games and beyond.

What is it about?

As part of this series artist Lucy Harrison is inviting members of the public and staff from the station to contribute to a newspaper which will document life and the changes in Stratford from the perspective of the people who live and work there. You will be able to collect your free copy of the paper from the station over the coming months.

Lucy is looking for collaborators to contribute: writing, images, maps, lists, thoughts, content of any kind - from corner shop gossip to your favourite joke: from the best haircut in town to local radio and local heroes. Each issue will feature articles and photographs, local people, news, stories, recipes, quizzes and sport that will reflect Stratford and its communities.

Do you have an interesting story? Do you have an unusual hobby? Do you have something to say? Do you have a point of view?

How to get involved

Lucy is interested in speaking to anyone with a connection to Stratford. Local residents, workers, community organisations, traders and retailers – everyone welcome!

"In past projects I have worked with people to uncover their opinions about where they live or work, from a project with teenagers in Lincolnshire to create their own guidebooks for their town, to Canvey Guides in 2007 which developed into a walking club for local residents and visitors.

Free newspapers are a familiar sight in London and I will be creating my own newspaper for Stratford which will offer a space for the voices and opinions of those who will be affected over the next few years by the major developments that will be coming into Stratford. The newspaper as an artwork allows wide ownership of the project, and also has the potential to be distributed across London via the tube network, from its starting point in Stratford station.

As with previous projects, the aim is to test the current official ideas around the area, to listen to local people and to find out about the real experience of the place." - Lucy Harrison.

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