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About Readathon

Taking part in Readathon encourages children to get the reading habit and to help other children who are seriously ill. Every year hundreds of schools and thousands of children raise well over £1 million for The Roald Dahl Foundation and CLIC Sargent (Caring for Children with Cancer) by reading tens of thousands of books between them. Come on. You can make a difference too.

How does it work?

Children undertake to read books, or do other literacy-based activities, in return for pledges of money, for charity, from family and friends.

How easy?

We give you everything you need, in our free pack, to run a successful Readathon. Teachers who run Readathon for the first time are amazed at how easy it is and find it almost runs itself.

How long?

The average Readathon lasts about three weeks from giving out the sponsor forms to collecting the money. Some schools ask children to read during the holidays, some run it in school time. One even had a 24 hour marathon read.

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