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Playground Magazines

St Matthias CE Primary School, Bethnal Green, London

Key audiences:

All children in infant and junior classes



We have created a Playground Magazines box for the children to use during lunchtime play. The Literacy coordinator buys a selection of different children’s magazines each month, aiming to appeal to both boys and girls of all age groups.

Children in Year 6 are responsible for looking after the box and for making sure it is taken into and returned from the playground every day.

Children are encouraged to make recommendations for magazines they would like to see in the box, and to bring in magazines of their own from home (subject to initial vetting by the Literacy Coordinator!)

Although children are encouraged to look after the magazines, they do get tatty quite quickly through over-use: the Literacy Coordinator reviews the contents on a fortnightly basis and discards any magazines that are no longer worth keeping.

Evidence of impact:

Use: since its introduction earlier this term, the box has been proving very popular with children in the playground: there is always a group of children reading the magazines.

Requests and contributions: We have already had several requests for new titles and children bringing in their own magazines from home to add to our collection.

Who runs this project?

The Literacy Coordinator, in collaboration with Year 6 children.

Contact details for the project:

Caroline Brooke,

Literacy Coordinator,

St Matthias CE Primary School, Bacon Street, Bethnal Green, London E2 6DY

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