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Autumn Challenge

At Forest & Sandridge Primary School, Melksham, Wiltshire the children have created and run a special lunchtime library for everyone at the school to use. The project started with a very successful Scholastic bookfair where nearly £400 was raised to spend on books for the school. This was followed by lots of parents and children donating books from home to go on the two lunchtime library trolley's kindly donated by the PTA (parent teacher association) at the school. Over 300 books were donated by parents and there are still contributions coming in!

Children from year 6 organise and run the library, in the quiet area of the school, every lunchtime. The library operates as old fashioned library's used to with custom made cards being stamped when books are checked in and out. Unfortunately, financial constraints haven't allowed the school to purhcase a more high tech system! However, not being detered by this the scheme was welcomed so much by children and staff at the school that after only one term the library grew from having one trolley to seperate Key Stage 1 and 2 trolley's.

As with any good library, readers need somewhere to sit and enjoy the books they are reading. With limited resources Forest & Sandridges Literacy co-ordinator, Andrew Wilson, wrote to local business inviting them to contribute to the lunchtime library by donating outdoor furniture. As a result four new benches were donated to ensure the scheme, and the National Year of Reading, got off to a great start.

As the library continues to grow with book donations from parents, children and staff, the scheme will hopefully go from strength to strength - even after the year of reading ends. Thanks to the National Year of Reading, Forest & Sandridge Primary School is helping to make reading relaxed, fun and sociable - like it should be :-)

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