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To submit an article to Wikireadia please email your article or edits to and we will post or change your article for you. The rest of this page contains information relevant to administrators only.

Log in or create an account

NOTE: Before you start to add articles you need to log in[1] or create an account[2]. To log in click the log in link in the top right hand corner of this page and use the same username and password as those you used to log onto the NYR website.

Start an article

It is best to write your article first before posting it online. When you are ready to publish your work. Type the name of your proposed good practice article, project or reading organisation into the create box below and click 'Create article'.  Your title should be as descriptive as possible eg. A school approach to reading for pleasure - Loxford School of Science and Technology, Ilford

The title is created automatically for you, and our suggested headings are put in place all you need to do now is type in your content or copy it from a document. Once you have entered in your content scroll to the bottom of the page and press save to make your article live.

Lock your page

After you've finished saving your new page, select the option 'Author Protect' from the dropdown menu at the top of the page to prevent other users from editing your page. 

Author protect.png

Write a literacy good practice blog on Wikireadia

To start or edit your blog page, click on your username in the top right hand corner of the page.  Recently added and changed blogs are listed on the latest pages / blogs page.

Add pictures to articles and share documents

Select 'Upload file' from the sidebar and upload your document to the wiki first.  Then edit your article page and use the image button on the plain text editor to add your picture to the article you are writing.  Documents are uploaded just like images.  To place a link to a document in your article use the image button as if you were inserting an image but instead type in the name of the file you want to link to.  You will create a link like this. File:Test doc.doc

Edit a page

What makes a good Wikireadia article?

In short, evidence. Evidence of the success of your project is what makes Wikireadia articles useful to other reading professionals. For an example of a good Wikireadia article click here.

Split your content into sections to make it easier to read. You can do this by highlighting a word and clicking the Headline button Button headline.png

Name of the project or organisation:

Of course, you aren't constrained by these guidelines, but the clearer you can be and the more you can split your article into sections, the more useful it will be.

How do I view the printable form of a page?

MediaWiki includes stylesheets which automatically style a page appropriately when it is printed; using the print or print preview function within your browser ought to render the page in a printable form.

You can also view this printable form using the printable version link in the toolbox.

Are there any editing tutorials available?

There are several editing tutorials available, mostly on Wikimedia sister projects, such as Wikipedia. 

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