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Library Facebook group - 'Everyone’s Reading in Leicestershire’

Leicestershire Library Services has set up a Facebook group called ‘Everyone’s Reading in Leicestershire’, this group was inspired by the National Year of Reading and started in anticipation of December’s theme ‘Write the Future’.

The group is a place for readers to share reading experiences and memories – people can discuss their best and worst reads as well as telling everyone what they are currently reading. As well as this, the group will act as an online reading group for those who wish to get involved. A different book will be chosen each month from the best seller list and the title will be posted on the discussion board to encourage dialogue. It will hopefully turn into a great place to discuss books for those people who are reluctant to join a more traditional reading group.

Links to the library

Whilst the group will have links to the library service and people will be encouraged to use their local library to borrow the monthly featured books, we are hoping that by keeping the library influence in the background this will encourage people who are not library members to join the group. We are hopeful that a steady drip feed of library benefits, events and promotions will slowly inspire those who have previously avoided the library service to join their local library.


Within the first week of the group being up and running we had 60 members – this number keeps increasing and the group is looking like a success. We hope that it will be well used in time for December.


To visit and join our Facebook group just follow this link: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=45414441504

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