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Target group:



• To provide activities within libraries for older people

• To support the Borough’s agenda for the over 50s

• To promote the library as a community resource

• To increase library membership

Main activities

A range of activities aimed at older people were held throughout the year.

These included regular coffee mornings/afternoons, poetry readings, Pilates and tai chi taster sessions, a brain training event and sessions using the Nintendo Wii.

A new flyer promoting library services to the over 50s was produced and disseminated widely through community and voluntary groups, charities and other outlets. Partnership with Age Concern enabled the library service to purchase a number of Nintendo DS Lites loaded with Brain Training programmes for loan to people over 50.


Attendance figures at the monthly events have grown as the events become established, with a small core of regular participants.

What was successful?

The launch of the Nintendo DS Lites, although delayed, received considerable press coverage and the devices are in great demand.

What lessons were learned?

As with young people, it can take time to build up audiences for events and often success comes slowly through word of mouth. There may be more opportunities for promoting library services and reading by visiting venues where there are already other activities for older people on offer.

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