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Don Valley school library Lyn Hopson of Don Valley School and Performing Arts College describes their Dr Who school library promotion.

I theme the school library every half term, and run related quizzes, competitions and other activities. For the 2008 National Year of Reading, I wanted something that would really excite the kids, and I chose Dr Who. The link is that Dr Who explores space and time with his Tardis, but a book can take you to a different place and time without leaving your chair. Our strapline is: “Go through a portal, open a book.” It's already proving hugely popular, and lots of boys especially are coming in.

Dr Who display at Don Valley School.
For this promotion, we displayed lots of Dr Who books such as the Dr Who Encyclopedia, Dr Who Time Travels, and Dr Who in the Sixties, these are intended as reference books. We've also got a load of the novels, including a couple of 'easy read' ones, which can be borrowed.

As well as this, we are running a quiz with a different question displayed on the wall every day. All the answers are contained in the display, which includes facts/book excerpts etc, so by reading the material on the walls, the pupils can find the answers. We have an art competition, where we've cut a picture out of a Dr Who magazine, which is composed of six monsters from the series, and the students guess what they are. We have also asked them to invent a monster for themselves, and describe its characteristics/home planet etc, and a prize will be offered for the best one. To top it all off we also have a word search competition.

To accompany the promotion, we have some non-fiction books on aliens and science books on time and space on display. I have also put up photos of the display, featuring the strapline “Go through a portal, open a book”, elsewhere in school.

(January 2008)

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