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Reporting Crime, Writing Crime This event, held at Crownhill Library, Plymouth, linked in with Autumn 2008's 'Do Something Different in Libraries' promotion and with October's Family Learning Festival.

Crownhill Library played host to BBC Spotlight's crime reporter and published crime novelist, Simon Hall. Simon has visited Plymouth Libraries on other occasions to talk about his own crime novels, which feature a police detective and an investigative TV reporter, and he is always a popular speaker.

On this occasion, the focus was on differences between the reporting of crime in the media and writing it as fiction. The evening attracted an audience of students from St Boniface College, a local secondary school, who had just started a media and forensic science course. Simon's experience in this field was shared with the students and discussed. Lively exchanges took place, with the students challenging Simon's views on the reporting of crime in the media.

Simon also brought along copies of his own books, and signed copies of his most recently-published novel.

The evening was supported by Europe Direct, and there was a display of Europe Direct information.

Contact: Sue Lancaster, Senior Resources Librarian, Plymouth Libraries. Email:

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