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A week of celebrating reading for pleasure, targeted at children of primary school age. Children’s Book Week is held in the first full week of October each year and has been running for 76 years.

Booktrust sends a free Children’s Book Week resource pack to every state primary school and special school in England and to every public library in England, offering teachers and librarians a range of ideas, activities, lessons, advice and contacts to help them to run a successful Book Week. This pack is sent to schools and libraries in June to allow time for planning and is additionally available to other users on request.

In 2008 there will be a poetry theme to Children’s Book Week linked to the work of the current Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen.


Key audiences

Children aged 5-11


To promote and celebrate reading for pleasure

Evidence for successes

Increased requests for the resource pack and increased entries to related competitions are indicative of increased uptake by schools and other organisations.

Who runs this project?



Crayola is the principal sponsor of Children’s Book Week and each year a number of publishers additionally sponsor Children’s Book Week.

Contact details

Allison Judge or

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