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Target Audience

Family members of children at Horton Mill Primary School




A strong existing partnership with Horton Mill School made this school a good choice of venue for the course. As 2008 is the national year of reading both the school and Family Learning felt working in partnership to promote this initiative would be beneficial to parents and children within the school.

It also enabled the parents to improve their own English language skills whilst addressing the above, and in turn support their children’s literacy and language skills.

The course ran for 10 weeks and included a trip to the Library and Lifelong Learning Centre, and a walk around the local community. The main focus of the course was to encourage learners to embrace reading and to support their children’s development in this area.

During the group’s trip to the Library and Lifelong Learning Centre, learners enrolled as members and received library card for themselves and their children. The group were introduced to the many facilities available at the central library. Many of the learners have since independently returned to the library with their children. The group planned, designed and produced a book of the local community, containing a map, a suggested walk and highlighted points of interest along with questions that you could ask young children en-route.

The learners completed a diary sheet at the end of each week to identify new learning and achievements. At the end of the course an individual and group evaluation was completed and progression routes were discussed and explored with learners.

Key successes

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