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Book Ahead

Target group

Early years children, their parents and carers


• To get enjoyable books into the hands of children in private and voluntary early years’ settings

• To develop enjoyment in reading at an early stage

• To strengthen links between private and voluntary settings and the public library service

Main activities

All private and voluntary settings were invited to take part in a book exchange and training package. A three-part modular programme was organised at two-monthly intervals featuring storytelling hints and tips (Rogan Mills), interpreting stories through music (Sue Ridyard) and “So you want to read a story?” (Neil Griffiths).


The third training session achieved the greatest impact as this workshop, featuring Neil Griffiths, was suitable for a larger audience and involved seventy five child care students from St Mary’s College and ten from Blackburn College.

Comments on the project included:

“This scheme has been thoroughly enjoyed by all our pre-school children and they are eagerly awaiting the new bag of books.”

“The course has given me some good advice to take back to my setting and improve the quality of reading books with my children.”

“Fun presentation and easily learnt through singing songs and participation.”

“Very informative….excellent presentation. Neil was a fantastic and inspirational speaker. He gave me a lot of excellent ideas and it was done in a fun way. Very pleased and privileged to be on the course.”

What was successful?

The training programme – for those able to attend. The positive response from local colleges, which has strengthened the links with the library service.

What lessons were learned?

Private and voluntary pre-school settings have limited staff cover and frequently experience difficulties in releasing staff members.

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