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Bolton Literacy Trust

Description: Bolton Literacy Trust was launched in March 2002. It is dedicated to building a literate and numerate community in Bolton, by making significant improvements in the levels of literacy and numeracy; developing innovative ways of meeting literacy and basic skills needs; and celebrating literacy in all its forms. Priorities for 2002 to 2003 were:

Details of other Bolton Literacy Trust initiatives

Management and staffing

Bolton Literacy Trust is a company with charitable objectives. Directors and trustees come from Bolton Evening News, HSBC Bank, Multi Media Machine, Octagon Theatre, St Andrew's Travel, Asian Women's Group, Volunteer Reading Help, WHSmith, Bolton Metro and Bolton Community College. Bolton Literacy Trust employees a full-time project manager and an administrator.

Contact details

Sue Hoey, Project Manager, Bolton Literacy Trust, PO Box 53, Paderborn House, Civic Centre, Bolton BL1 1JW. Email: Website:

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