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The 2008 National Year of Reading was a year-long celebration of reading. It aimed to build a greater national passion for reading in England – for children, families and adult learners alike.

The Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, Ed Balls, joined the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, children, writers, and reading champions at 10 Downing Street on 8 January 2008 at the launch of the National Year of Reading. He called for every employer, school, library, college and local authority to get involved.



The year aimed to encourage people to read in businesses, homes, and communities around the country, providing new opportunities to read and helping people to access help and support through schools and libraries.


The National Year of Reading was led by the National Literacy Trust, The Reading Agency and a consortium which comprised:

Monthly Themes

The National Year of Reading had monthly themes National Year of Reading monthly themes

These included the following themes:

• April: Read all about it! Links to newspapers and magazines; library membership campaign.

• May: Mind and Body. Reading and learning at work. The knock-on benefits of reading.

• June: Reading escapes. Holiday and summer reads.

• July: Rhythm and Rhyme. Poems, poetry and lyrics.

• August: Read the Game. The influence of sport and how this can help promote reading.

• September: You are what you read. Cultural, personal and local identity.

• October: Word of Mouth. Storytelling, reading out loud, reading together, reading aloud, live literature.

• November: Screen reads. Exploring the diversity of reading and writing; scripts, TV and films.

• December: Write the future. Writing, texting, blogging etc.

Find out more about the monthly themes here


Shared values underpinned the consortium and sat at the heart of the year. These were:

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